About Us

About Us

Established in 1993, Viva Rio aims to foster a culture of peace and social inclusion through a commitment to research, field work, and the formulation of public policies.

Our institution was formed by representatives from several sectors of civil society as a direct response to the growing violence that has plagued Rio de Janeiro.

Since 1993, Viva Rio has developed and consolidated activities and projects that have inspired public policy. Several of these policies have been adopted by government, businesses, and other organizations.

Viva Rio is committed to an equal opportunity environment. Viva Rio ensures a balance of qualified men and women in the work environment. This inclusion of women in teams is crucial for Viva Rio’s holistic approach to programming. A particular attention is given to building capacity and training female managers. Currently, 54% of senior positions are occupied by women. Viva Rio is firm in its commitment to non-discrimination and always serves as a safe space for the reporting of gender bias and discriminatory practices.


To work in communities exposed to risks generated by violence
To implement innovative solutions for social and environmental problems in vulnerable settings
To mediate conflicts and to foster integration
To communicate peacefully and effectively amid the diversity of local values


Creativity and Pragmatism
Boldness and Closeness
Solidarity and Justice
Ethics and Transparency
Effectiveness and Tolerance
Freedom and Happiness
Honor and Respect

Program Fields

Education, Sports and the Arts