Social Environment

Understanding how we affect the environment is an increasingly pressing issue. Viva Rio seeks to raise awareness on the protection of nature and drive social change from sustainable projects.

Most people today know the consequences of pollution, deforestation and inadequate waste treatment, but still our relationship with the environment is going through a critical moment everywhere. Part of the problem is that valuable information on the issue does not reach people in isolate and underpriviliged places, and that is why Viva Rio invests in social and environmental education and communication.

There is still plenty of room for development in how we deal with environmental issues. Viva Rio works to bring awareness of this with initiatives that help locals turn waste into income by recycling trash into marketable products, or in art workshops. We try to show what we have to lose by hurting nature and what we have to gain by preserving it.

Our experience in poor and violent communities help us open dialogues, mediate conflicts and gather diverse people to tackle common challenges. Our daily work in favelas and rural areas leads to immediate solutions, such as removing accumulated waste from the streets, but it also focuses on the long term, with courses and lectures that promote the responsible use of public areas.