Viva Rio,
Social Enterprise

Viva Rio is a social enterprise that fosters peace, inclusion and freedom through innovative projects in areas impacted by poverty and violence. Learn more


HealthEducation and opportunitySocial EnvironmentHuman security
Access to healthcare services is a right. Viva Rio supports humanist and responsible management of public health facilities as a way to promote social justice.
Viva Rio believes in technology and strategic partnerships to create opportunities where there are none and to make important achievements in development and quality of life.
Understanding how society impacts life on Earth is paramount for human development. Viva Rio raises social and environmental awareness and encourages a sustainable economy.
Viva Rio deplores violence in all its forms. We believe in a peace that depends on a fairer and more inclusive society, where everyone’s rights are respected.


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to fight complex and
persistent problems


with the resources and
the people who we serve


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Source of proud and inspiration for Viva Rio, voluntarianism is in the roots and in the soul of what we are today.