Kids with disabilities enjoy nature in accessible park trail

Viva Rio has opened an inclusive trail in Mangaratiba State Park, which is interpretive, sensory and accessible for wheelchair users and people with low mobility. The so-called Curumin Trail connects in the Sahy Valley region with the Ruin Trail, a narrow strip of land between the mountain and the sea.

The idea of ​​an adapted trail arose in June this year at the Environment Week, when the Park received a visit from students of the Special Education School of Mangaratiba, for people with visual and intellectual disabilities, cerebral palsy , among others.

At the occasion, 25 kids participated in activities of education and environmental interpretation conducted by the team of the Park.

The Curumim Trail was inaugurated at the end of August and its first visitors were the students of the Special Education School. The day was one of strong emotions for the staff, the kids and their families. They had the chance to know nature through their senses, plant seedlings of native species and even cross the river through a floating walkway.



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