Favela hub

Favela Hub is a social innovation and education center in the Cantagalo/Pavão-Pavãozinho favela, in the southern zone of Rio de Janeiro. Founded within the context of continuous and irreversible urban growth, the project fosters a creative environment and community entrepreneurship and empowers the local youth to play a productive role in the economy and society.


focused on skills that will enable income generation.


of new businesses and local entrepreneurs.


between creators and people willing to learn.


of knowledge from research and on-site tests to improve social platforms.

The Favela Hub building, that stays in what shoud have been a hotel with a panoramic view of Ipanema Beach and Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon, is home to several initiatives, both our own and others involving local and global partners. The acces is by a public elevator that takes you to the top of the Cantagalo hill.