Health and social assistance are universal rights. Viva Rio believes in a wider concept of healthcare and sees the management of public facilities as a way to ensure citizenship for all.

Health has been a part of our work since the beginning of Viva Rio. We have spent many years producing research and promoting citizenship and human rights, as well as debating key issues such as sexuality and drugs. We had the chance to put all these theoretical ideas into practice when Viva Rio became a social health organization.

Today we are responsible for the treatment of over 2 million people per year. We work in 75 primary healthcare centers (Family Health) managed in partnership with the municipal government of Rio de Janeiro, and in 8 emergency care centers (UPAs) together with the state government of Rio. Later on, we assumed to cooperate in the management of Ronaldo Gazolla Municipal Hospital in Acari, Pedro Alcântara Hospital in Paraty and the Municipal Emergency Care Center in Pinheiral.

Viva Rio collaborates with a team of more than 7,500 healthcare professionals. Their work is done with passion and efficiency, with the mission of establishing new and improved standards and procedures. Our vision is to go beyond contractual obligations and help change public health for the better.

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