Acari hospital

Taking on the admnistration of Ronaldo Gazolla Municipal Hospital, on december 2015, was one of the biggest challenges we have faced in the healthcare area. When we started to work in the hospital at Acari, a poor neighborhood in the North Zone of Rio, we found it was severely neglected because of problems with the former administration. There was not enough medicine and basic supplies, plus no communication between the hospital's departments, which were all seriously compromising the service.

The situation was even more complex due to the size and importance of the hospital. Ronaldo Gazolla has 269 beds, a multidisciplinary outpatient department and a maternity hospital that is a point of reference in high-risk cases.

A situation that would put off other companies was an encouragement for Viva Rio.

It soon became clear to us that Ronaldo Gazolla had the potential to provide excellent public services if managed by a responsible, committed, specialized team. We worked hard to turn our conviction into reality.

ON 2016





Today patients are assisted with order and care, the hospital infrastructure meets all technical requirements and the staff has grown proud of their work.

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*Employee satisfaction survey
taken in February 2017