Viva Rio in Haiti

Viva Rio in Haiti

Honor and Respect for Haiti

In 2010, an earthquake devastated the Haitian capital: learn more about the programs being implemented by Viva Rio in the country since 2007

Viva Rio began working in Haiti in 2004 following an invitation from the United Nations. The United Nations had just begun their peacekeeping mission in the Caribbean country and, faced with the enormous challenge of getting Haitians involved in the pacification project, the UN sought the expertise of Viva Rio. At the time, Viva Rio had been successfully working in the communities of Rio de Janeiro for 11 years, helping to promote peace in the midst of a poor society forced to live with violence.

What began as a simple consultancy has become today an efficient operation in Bel Air, Cité Soleil, Bon Repos and Arcahaye, neighborhoods in the Haitian capital. Besides a 25,000 m2 community center, called Kay Nou (“our house” in Creole), Viva Rio has four other units in the country and employs over 800 workers, mostly Haitians.

Viva Rio’s program in Haiti, which in April 2011 was granted the “Make a Difference” award from the newspaper O Globo, executes projects in four key areas: health, education, the environment and community safety. In all cases, the primary aim is to empower the Haitian people, helping them to be masters of their own destiny.

Learn more about the Honor and Respect program for Haiti.

In an interview to GloboNews, Viva Rio’s Human Security coordinator talks about the situation in Haiti two years after the earthquake:

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