Sailing champions are ambassadors for Omega

agosto 3, 2015

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“It is necessary to know that it is possible to reverse difficult situations”. The talk from TorbenGrael marked the entrance of the athlete into the team of Omega ambassadors, along side his daughter Martine Grael and her partner KahenaKunze. The three champions were announced at Viva Rio, during the launch for 12 pre-Olympic social programs that will make up a countdown to the Rio 2016 games.

Torben Grael, the most decorated Brazilian Olympic medalist and technical director of the Brazilian Sailing Confederation (CBVela), reacted positively to the partnership between Viva Rio and Omega.“To invest in social actions is more valuable than building a countdown clock because this city can continue to collect the fruits of this investment after the Olympics.”

Torben said he was honored to be one of the Omega ambassadors in Brazil | Photo: Tamiris Barcellos

The former sailor recognized the difficulty of developing projects in Brazil, mostly from his 17 year experience heading Project Grael, alongside Lars Grael and Marcelo Ferreira. The institution uses sport as a tool for social inclusion, offering opportunities to children and youth from low-income families. “I believe that Omega and Viva Rio have the same wish I do, which is to change people’s lives.”

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During the event, he emotionally recalled the accident that his brother and sailing partner suffered in 1998, when he participated in a regatta in Vitória, no Espírito Santo.A speedboat broke into the competition area and hit the boat on which he was the yachtsman, and he had his right leg severed by the propeller of the boat. “Lars left an inspiring message for all of us, because his reaction to the tragedy was very positive.

Omega is traditionally the timekeeper for the Olympic games. Since 1932, on 26 occasions, the brand has made cutting edge technologies to make results more efficient. The brand’s vice-president of marketing remembers the first time there was a time marker at the Olympics. “There were 30 high precision chronographs, which were exact down to the tenth of a second. Now we have precision down to millionths.”

Precision. The word that reflects the Omega difference also marks the competitive advantage of athletes who seek to emerge on the world stage and win titles. For Martine Grael and her partner KahenaKunze, world sailing champions in the 49er FX class, “to be associated with a brand that is synonymous with efficiency is very positive as athletes.”

Martine Grael (right.) and KahenaKunze complete the Omega champion team in Brazil | Photo: Tamiris Barcellos

The relationship with the sea is older than can be imagined. Omega produced the first diving watches and the only wristwatch to receive the marine chronometer certification. Aside from this, since 1995 they offered support to the yachting world, through renowned athletes such as: Peter Blake, Dean Barker, Russell Coutts and Ellen MacArthur.

On the world stage, advocating for the brand are:actors Eddie Redmayne, George Clooney and Nicole Kidman, golfer Rory McIlroy, andmodel Cindy Crawford, among others.

(Text: Flávia Ferreira | Photos: Tamiris Barcellos)