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outubro 9, 2013

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Viva Rio is receiving firearms and ammunition at its headquarters, in Rio de Janeiro. Co-managed with the Military Police, the collection point is open Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm. The purpose is to raise awareness and to collect the largest number of firearms possible.

In exchange, each firearm owner will receive a compensation ranging from R$150 to R$450, depending on its caliber. The money will be available after 24 hours at Banco do Brasil by using a four-digit password and a delivery receipt.

When transporting the gun to Viva Rio’s collection point, it is important to complete and print the transit guide available on the campaign’s website to avoid charges of carrying a concealed weapon, if searched by police.

In the last two years, over four thousand firearms have been delivered to Viva Rio, making the NGO one of the most recognized entities on arms control in Brazil. Since 2011, the National Campaign of Volunteer Surrender of Arms and Ammunition is a permanent part of Viva Rio and, since its creation in 2003, 681 thousand arms have been collected.

A study released this year by the Brazilian Center of Latin-American Studies and by the Latin-American Faculty of Social Sciences indicates that, from 1980 to 2010, 799.226 people died victims to firearms, 450.255 of them being 15 – 19 years old.

The research analyzed intentional deaths caused by, a third party (homicides), self-provoked deaths (suicides) or unknown-intentionality deaths, all of which were triggered by firearms.