Viva Rio Efficient

Viva Rio Efficient

Viva Rio invests in the potential and resilience capacity of people through the Viva Rio Efficient program, which aims to promote the inclusion and achieve equality of opportunities for all employees.

We believe that integration and diversity promote personal as well as professional growth of individuals.

Efficient Viva Rio offers the following advantages:

– Priority in attendances in the Personnel Department and in the areas of Human Resources and Occupational Medicine;
– Preferential Assessment in requests for transfer;
– Priority Jobs in institutional capabilities;
– Access to assistive technologies when necessary;
– Preferential service for Ombudsman

PCD: You know what?
“Any person unable to ensure by himself, wholly or partly, the necessities of a normal social life, as a result of a deficiency, congenital or not, in their physical or mental capacities” is rated PCD (Person With Disability) by the United Nations (General Assembly, 1979).