Campaign will defend Arms Control

setembro 15, 2015

The Control Arms, I SUPPORT campaign, which will be nationally launched at the Arms Control for Life and for Peace seminar, taking place Friday September 25 in Maceió, in defense of the Disarmament Statue (Law number 10.826/2003).The legislation, which has already prevented the death of 121,000 people since its creation in 2003, is at risk of being weakened.

Sailing champions are ambassadors for Omega

agosto 3, 2015

“It is possible to reverse difficult situations”, said Torben Grael, Omega ambassadors, along side with his daughter Martine Grael and her partner Kahena Kunze. The three champions were announced at Viva Rio, during the launch for 12 pre-Olympic social programs that will make up a countdown to the Rio 2016 games.

Partnership with Omega leaves a social legacy for Rio

agosto 3, 2015

A group of 500 pregnant women treated at ManoelFernandes Clinic, in Chapadão, in the North Zone of Rio de Janeiro will benefit from one of the 12 social projects which will be supported by the Viva Rio-Omega partnership for the 2016 Olympic Games.The announcement was made at the Viva Rio headquarters.

Justice Ministry announces an agreement against violence

agosto 2, 2015

An agreement to reduce national levels of violence by 5% per year were announced on Friday (7/31) by the Minister of Justice, Jose Eduardo Cardozo, at the Brazilian Forum for Public Security, at the OAB-RJ.

Candelária massacre: remember to never forget

julho 23, 2015

“Adults! Keep on your knees and apologize to the young. Society has declared war on you “, said the priest Renato Chiera, from the project Casa do Menor São Miguel Arcanjo, at the end of the Mass in remembrance of the 22 years of the Candelaria Massacre, which killed eight children and adolescents in front of the church. The event brought together 1,500 people, according to the organization: members of social movements, children and religious.

Disarmament: fewer guns, more peace

julho 17, 2015

“In an armed society, there is no peaceful environment”. The logic, from one of the founders of Viva Rio, Tião Santos, summarizes the longing of civil society organizations at the International Day of Disarmament, internationally celebrated on July 9. The date was created in 2011 by the United Nations (UN) to promote the culture of firearms control.

Viva Rio collects 75 blood donations in five hours

julho 14, 2015

The campaign carried out by Viva Rio Volunteers in partnership with Hemorio was a success. Donation from 75 people were collected in just five hours in the donation center set up on Tuesday (July 14), in the Pablo and Ana Room, at the organization’s headquarters.

Consumption and drug possession for personal use

julho 9, 2015

Lusmarina Campos, president at Conic, writes about consumption and drug possession for personal use.

Drug Platform evaluates UN report

julho 3, 2015

The Brazilian Drug Policy Platform, a network composed of 30 entities that debate and discuss drug policies founded on human rights, published the piece below during the seminar on marijuana: cases, policies, and interactions with health and law, hosted on Wednesday, July 1, and Friday, July 3, at Fiocruz. The texts content was the same […]

Paulo da Portela opens with music and joy

julho 2, 2015

The guests pulled out samba and rap performances on Thursday (02) at the inauguration of the CAPS III Paulo da Portela (Psycho-Social Care Centre) that will meet the needs of the 18 districts of Madureira included in AP 3.3. The testimony of Alexander, patient, author of Recaídas, esculturas carregadas de Sofrimento, was truly an emotional […]

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