Campaign will defend Arms Control

setembro 15, 2015

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The Control Arms, I SUPPORT campaign, which will be nationally launched at the Arms Control for Life and for Peace seminar, taking place Friday September 25 in Maceió, in defense of the Disarmament Statue (Law number 10.826/2003).The legislation, which has already prevented the death of 121,000 people since its creation in 2003, is at risk of being weakened by the bill (PL) 3.722, which should be voted on by the Congress in October.

Comparative table of Law number 10.826/2003 and PL 3.722 (in Portuguese)

With the presence of Congressman Raul Jungmann (Popular Socialist Party – Pernambuco) who presides over the Parliamentary Front for Arms Control for Life and for Peace, a movement created by 273 congressmen of various parties and supported by Viva Rio, the seminar will launch a series of actions to prevent the passing of PL which, among other things, allows for taxi and truck drivers to be armed on the job, for professors to attend class armed, and for individuals accused of trafficking to buy and carry arms legally and makes the voluntary surrender of arms more difficult.

Raul Jungman noversees the Parliamentary Front for Arms Control for Life and for Peace (Photo: personal archive)

In a meeting held with Senator Renan Calheiros(Brazilian Democratic Movement Part -Pernambuco) this Wednesday (16) between legislative leaders, representatives of the Front and the Security Secretary for Rio de Janeiro, José Mariano Beltrame, the President of the Senate was adamant: “Arms do not resolve anything,” he declared. After hearing from Beltrame and his cabinet, Renan raised the point that the armed citizen “gets the vain impression that he can individually defend himself. In practice, the statistics show that this doesn’t happen.”

On the occasion, Beltram ask for more rigorous penaltiesfor individuals with weapons of war, for examplerifles. The Secretary himself manage to board a plane at Santos Dumont Airport with a replica of a weapon in his baggage and received a fake rifle last week from a journalist at Globo, acquired in

Beltrame will ask for rigorous penalties for those who carry weapons of war | Photo: Vitor Madeira

Name and shame

Congressmen against the easing of the Statute proposed by the PL want to rename it the Statute of Firearms Control.But those who defend the bill want it named the Statute for Firearms Distribution.At least, the voters will have more clarity to understand what they are voting for in the next election.

(Text: Celina Côrtes | Photos: Vitor Madeira and personal archive)